Shifting Spectrums is a multi-sensory installation that explores the relationship between humans and technology. The centerpiece of the installation consists of 3 large hexagonal structures embedded with LED lights, which change color in response to touch by one or multiple people.

The hexagonal shape is a nod to the natural world and its tendency towards efficient, geometric patterns. The LED lights within each hexagon are capable of producing a wide range of colors, allowing for endless possibilities of hue and dynamic patterns. By interacting with the touch sensors embedded in the center benches and simultaneously interacting with one another, participants can activate the LED lights, causing them to shift and change in response to the pressure and movement of their hands.

The interactive nature of the installation invites everyone to engage with the artwork in a physical and tactile way, blurring the boundaries between observer and participant. As the hexagons change color, participants can observe the effects of their actions and the actions of others, creating a sense of shared experience and collaboration.

With Shifting Spectrums, we seek to create a space that encourages exploration, playfulness, and connection. Through the use of technology and tactile engagement, the installation invites visitors to connect with both the natural and digital worlds in unexpected ways.

Project status and description:

Shifting Spectrums was initially inspired by experiences Zach and Amy shared at the KAOS art and coworking space in Berlin in early 2023. The project has since taken on many forms and been displayed at events in and around Berlin. In 2023, the project was displayed at three regional burns in Germany: Art Bär near Leipzig (June), Kiez Burn near Berlin (August), and Hamburn near Hamburg (October).

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